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Reviewer: oneNpwnly

Tue. 1st Nov. 2011

Bought a pair of lenses supposed to be good for a year. Only thing good about them was somewhat quick shipping. One lens had a flaw in it that I photographed before opening the vial. I posted pictures on youknowit.com's Facebook page and emailed them to customer service as well. I asked if the obvious line on one of the lenses was a rip or simply a surface flaw. No one answered my question. The person emailing me simply told me to ship them back. I researched the cost to send them back and saw that it is more than $36.00. I replied to the email asking if the high charge (which included everything they ask for to be sent safely) would still be refunded. After all, it was the cheapest way to send it back (Surface mail through Canada Post). I got no reply. This was only a couple of days before Hallowe'en. I decided, in anger, to open them and check the lenses. One is definitely ripped. This was a huge waste of money. They definitely won't last a year. Thanks for nothing.

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