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About Us

LensFinder.co.uk is a contact lens price comparison site, dedicated to the UK market. We save you time and money by searching more than a dozen suppliers at the click of a button and providing the results in seconds in a simple and easy to interpret format.

You can click on any of the results for your search and be taken straight to that product page on the chosen supplier's site.

Using This Site

To get started all you need to do is select your lenses on the search form above: Start typing the name of the lenses in the box and when the list of products appears below, select the correct ones then click the "Go" button. You will see all the suppliers for those lenses in a couple of seconds.

The available quantities for these lenses will be shown in tabs across the top of the results. Click the tab of the quantity you want to view those prices. We also clearly indicate the best value quantity tab (this is the quantity offering the lowest cost per lens).

You can then click the More Info button for any of the results you choose. This will open the specific product page on the supplier's web site in a new tab/window.

Alternatively you can browse to the contact lenses you want via our directory categories.

What Makes Us Unique?

LensFinder.co.uk doesn't just compare all products with the same name like many general shopping comparison sites - our advanced comparison engine is dedicated to contact lenses and not only compares the many UK suppliers for a product but also works out the best value purchase quantity. This is the purchase offering the lowest price per lens. We also factor in delivery charges (including taking into account quantity/price thresholds for free delivery).

Further Discounts!

Many suppliers offer discount voucher codes from time to time which we include in our comparison, giving you an even greater saving.

Getting Hold of Us

If you have any comments or suggestions for ways in which we can improve your experience using our site, please contact us. Please be aware that we cannot help with individual orders with any contact lens supplier.

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