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Tue 1st Mar 2011 - 2:10 pm - Back to Article Selection

The LensFinder.co.uk team is proud to announce the launch of the latest version of its website. Offering faster loading times and a much improved look and feel, LensFinder.co.uk now features customer supplier reviews and a full price comparison system for cosmetic/coloured contact lenses.

A lot has been happening at the LensFinder offices over the last few months and improvement work continues every day. If you are a regular user of our site the first thing you will notice is the change to the general appearance. With a more modern and easily navigable look and feel, you will be able to find your contact lenses quickly and simply.

New Features

It's not just the appearance of the site that has changed though. We realised that the lowest price was not always the sole deciding factor when choosing a contact lens supplier - customer service, speed of delivery and hassle free ordering are all important considerations as well. As such we have also added a supplier rating/review system allowing you the customer to rate your experience using the various UK suppliers. With the ratings displayed in the comparison results in a typical 1 to 5 stars fashion and the ability to order the results by customer rating (not just price) you can make an even more informed decision before buying your lenses.

Coloured, cosmetic and special effect contact lenses are extremely popular however our site was not able to deal with these in the past. We have now built a complete price comparison engine for these products allowing you to choose the perfect coloured lenses to change/enhance your eye colour or special effect lenses for any party, theatre performance or other costume occasion.

New Suppliers, Great Discounts

We've added three new suppliers to our site in the last couple of months, Shopping4Net, FeelGoodContacts and Contacts Universe, providing you with a wider range of choices when making your decision.

We have always strived to list the best deals available and we currently have access to several supplier discounts that you can use to save even more money. These discounts are shown against the relevant results in our price comparison where applicable, with instructions on their use (this usually involves taking note of a discount voucher code to enter during the checkout process). We even factor the discounts into our price comparison. Along with the postage and packaging costs, LensFinder.co.uk allows you to see the actual, final price of your purchase before you buy. Don't spend ages working out the cost from the various suppliers - just let our price comparison engine do the work for you. All you have to do is make a quick search using the form above.

Look No Further

With more features and many more suppliers in our search results than any other UK contact lens comparison site you won't find a wider choice anywhere else. Just enter the name of your contact lenses in the search form above, click go and you will be presented with a full price/rating comparison of suppliers in just a couple of seconds.

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