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O2 Optix (AirOptix)
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AirOptix Aqua from CIBAVision allow up to 5 times more oxygen (128Dk/t) to reach the cornea than conventional soft contact lenses rewarding you with whiter, healthier eyes and reducing symptons of dryness and irritation and dramatically cutting the risk of more serious conditions such as neovascularization. AirOptix have been CE certified for up to 6 nights of continuous wear or daily wear for up to 1 month. Material: Iotrafilcon B. Power Range: -10.00 to +6.00.

O2 Optix (AirOptix) are often rebranded or also known as 02 Optix, AirOptix, O2 Optix, Specsavers EasyVision Irisian.

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More Information About O2 Optix (AirOptix) from Ciba Vision

The Air Optix family of products was created by CIBA Vision to provide flexible contact lens options that allow enhanced oxygen flow for increased comfort and eye health. Made from a patented silicone hydrogel material, Air Optix contact lenses are specially designed to provide permeable pathways that allow for enhanced transmission of oxygen and water, which offers a more comfortable contact lens experience, while reducing the negative effects of restricted oxygen and water flow associated with conventional contact lenses.

The benefits of increased oxygen flow include whiter, brighter eyes that look and feel better, while experiencing less irritation, dryness and redness. These breathable contact lenses allow for up to five times more oxygen to reach the eye than allowed by conventional contact lenses. This can limit the risk of corneal swelling and allows for longer daily wear without the discomfort that is common after a long day of wearing traditional lenses that do not allow adequate flow of water and oxygen.

The state of the art silicone hydrogel material used in making Air Optix contact lenses also provides a smooth surface that is resistant to deposits. This enhances comfort, particularly for longer wear, and makes these advanced lenses easy to clean and care for, while providing up to one month of daily wear. While Air Optix contact lenses are designed for comfortable daily wear, they also offer the flexibility of up to six nights of overnight wear for those times when removing contact lenses overnight is either not convenient, or is not an option.

Air Optix contact lenses provide a highly permeable surface that promotes eye health and provides for long-wearing comfort that contact lens wearers will appreciate, particularly those who have issues with eye dryness or have experienced the redness and irritation that can occur when wearing oxygen-restricting conventional contact lenses.

CIBA Vision, the creator and manufacturer of the innovative Air Optix contact lens line, has provided vision-enhancing solutions and products around the world for the last 30 years and is consistently on the leading edge of pioneering new products for the ever-evolving field of vision and eye care.

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