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What is LensFinder.co.uk?

LensFinder.co.uk is a contact lens search engine and price comparison site. We scour the web looking for the best prices available for all the major brands. We also search related accessories such as cleaning products and books. We could save you hours of trawling through the conventional search engines by finding you the best value contact lenses in seconds!

How can the site help me find the best value contact lenses?

Are you sick of paying your optician over the odds for contact lenses? You aren't obliged to buy their products just because they give you an eye test. There are dozens of online suppliers serving thousands of customers hugely discounted contact lenses. LensFinder.co.uk brings the results of loads of suppliers together so you can choose the right one for you.

What types of contact lenses do you search?

Most of the products we search are prescription contact lenses, however we also find the best value cosmetic lenses. These are lenses worn for effect by changing the appearance of the eye, either in terms of colour or style (e.g. cats eyes style). Many cosmetic lenses are available with vision correction (according to your prescription) or without (zero-power).

What else do you search?

As well as contact lenses, we also search for related products and accessories, such as cleaning solution, lens storage and books.

Do I need a prescription for all contact lenses?

The suppliers on this site may or may not require proof of prescription before allowing you to make a purchase. It depends on their individual sales policy. Please check the supplier's website before buying.

Many cosmetic lenses are available in zero-power form and therefore do not require a vision correction prescription, however for health and safety reasons LensFinder.co.uk strongly suggests you consult an optician or other appropriate health specialist before using any prescription or cosmetic contact lenses.

Can I find cosmetic lenses for halloween and similar occasions?

Yes! As well as simple colour changing cosmetic lenses, many of our suppliers offer special effect contact lenses. These include cats eyes, alien style, ultra-violet reactive and many more.

How do I suggest improvements or report a fault with the website?

We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience on our site. If you have any suggestions or have found a fault on our website please contact us.

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