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Purevision Prescription Contact Lenses from Bausch And Lomb

Purevision brand contact lenses from Bausch and Lomb are available in 3 variants; Purevision, Purevision Toric and Purevision Multi-Focal. All Purevision lenses are manufactured from an advanced silicon hydrogel material known as AerGel which allows a greater proportion of available oxygen to permeate the lens and reach the surface of the cornea, this increased oxygen availability allows for a healthy and exceptionally comfortable experience. Purevision contact lenses are the only lens which successfuly reduces the effect a spherical aberration, a condition which can occur some objects to appear blurred or hazy. Purevision Toric lenses, designed for users with astigmatism allow wearers a breathtaking clarity of vision previously only enjoyed when wearing glasses and Purevision Multi-Focal, for users with Presbyopia allow effort free viewing of objects both near and far.

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PureVision PureVision

PureVision from Bausch and Lomb is a silicon hydro ...

PureVision Toric PureVision Toric

Designed to be worn for up to 30 days Purevision T ...


Popular Purevision Contact Lenses

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