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Focus Dailies Toric
  • Daily Disposable
  • Toric (Astigmatism)

from the Focus range

The worlds first daily disposable contact lenses available to correct astigmatism Focus Dailies Toric benefit from a unique prism design to give you truly excellent vision. Comfortable and hygienic Focus Dailies Toric also benefit from Visitint technology for easy handling and use. Material: Nelfilicon A. Power Range -8.00 to +4.00. Axis: 90 or 180 degrees.

Focus Dailies Toric are often rebranded or also known as Focus Dailies for Astigmatism.

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More Information About Focus Dailies Toric from Ciba Vision

Those who suffer from astigmatism know that it can be difficult to find contact lenses that effectively correct light refraction for improved vision, while also providing a comfortable contact lens experience for the wearer. Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses, created and manufactured by CIBA Vision, provide a welcomed vision correction option specially designed to provide a soft lens with an extremely thin edge that offers complete comfort. As an additional benefit, these barely noticeable toric contact lenses have the blink-activated moisturizing agent found in all Focus Dailies contact lenses that is released into the tear film naturally produced by the eye to combat dryness and enhance comfort further.

Astigmatism, sometimes called refractive error, can result from hereditary or environmental factors and is present, in some degree, in almost everyone. This irregular corneal curvature can cause a number of symptoms that range from blurred vision and eyestrain, to fatigue and headaches, but many cases of astigmatism can be easily remedied with corrective toric lenses, such as Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses, which are specifically designed to bend light in a manner that compensates for the uneven light refraction caused by astigmatism.

Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses were the first daily disposable contact lenses created for people with astigmatism and, according to CIBA Vision, they are the top selling daily disposable toric lens worldwide. Contact lens wearers who opt for daily disposable contact lenses have the convenience of a fresh, clean pair of contacts every morning without the expense of purchasing contact lens cleaning products or the hassle of caring for reusable contact lenses, making this option an ideal choice for users who want clear vision and long-wearing comfort with the convenience of daily disposables.

CIBA Vision has been an innovator in the eye and vision care field for 30 years and is consistently on the cutting edge of creating ground breaking vision correction options that use the latest technological advancements to address the changing needs of consumers and eye care professionals. Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses are just one example of the specialized vision care products offered by this pioneering company.

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