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Ciba Vision Prescription Contact Lenses

CIBAVision, a subsidiary of the Swiss company Novartis has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. A global leader in the manufacturing of optical and opthalmic goods and services and at the forefront of research and development, CIBAVision produce contact lenses, lens care products and surgical products available in over 70 countries. Recent advancements as a result of CIBAVisions commitment to research and development include the revolutionary extended wear Air Optix Night & Day which can be worn for up to 30 days continuously. Focus Dailies and variant Focus Dailies Progressives for patients with Presbyopia are also manufactured by CIBAVision. The worlds leading provider of lenses to change or complement the wearers natural eye colour, CIBAVision manufacture the Freshlook range including advanced patented colouring technology. With over 62 combinations of style, colour and modality CIBAVision have the largest range of any contact lens manufacture, complemnted by their range of lens care products such as AOSEPT Plus. Novartis, the parent company of CIBAVision employ approximately 80000 people across 140 countries and in 2005 achieved collective sales of $32.2bn (USD).

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AirOptix AirOptix

AirOptix from Cibavision are available in a one we ...

Focus Focus

Focus brand contact lenses from Ciba Vision are on ...

Freshlook Freshlook

Freshlook from Cibavision are available in four fo ...

Precision UV Precision UV

Precision UV from Cibavision are monthly disposabl ...


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More information about Ciba Vision

CIBAVision envisions a better world through vision. They are a manufacturer with headquarters based in Atlanta, Georgia with products sold all over the world. CIBAVision is a Global leader in the world of vision and contact lenses. CIBAVision displays a keen interest in the development of new materials and technologies designed to improve the quality of life for all contact lens wearers. CIBAVision is the leader of innovative and applicable development and manufacturing for disposable and quality contact lenses. CIBAVision is known for their trademark LightStream Technology which is composed of nelficon, a material that is also used in many joint replacement technologies due to its biocompatibility. The LightStream Technology makes the manufacturing of CIBAVision's Focus Dailies more affordable and cheaper to produce. CIBAVision is a global leader in the industry supplying state of the art contact lenses to the public and are always striving to excel in the industry.

CIBAVision manufacturers a variety of contact lenses, with the idea in mind that every comfort level must achieved. Some CIBAVision products include Air Optix (a.k.a. O2 Optix), Precision UV and FreshLook Colors. CIBAVision also offers Air Optix Night & Day. Air Optix Night & Day is a thirty day continuous wear lens that permits more oxygen to the eye than most lenses. Air Optix Night & Day allows users to live and maintain a normal lifestyle without the worry of changing contacts lenses daily. Air Optix Night & Day can be worn night and day without any irritation or harm to the cornea. Air Optix Night & Day allows more than six times the normal amount of oxygen to reach the eye for optimal comfort, resulting in no redness or irritation. Air Optix Night & Day can be worn for up to six days. These continuous wear contacts have vastly improved the use of contact lenses for many, eliminating the need to always have new contacts to hand. CIBAVision's technologies allow for a comfortable, worry free lifestyle for contact lens users.

Focus, another range from CIBAVision has many varieties of lens products for the perfect comfort and desire. These include Focus Dailies, Focus Dailies Toric, Focus Soft Colors, Focus Visint, Focus Dailies Progressives, Focus Progressives and Focus Toric. In the Focus line there is an option of lenses for anyone's needs and are sure to please and enhance the overall quality of life. CIBAVision also offers FreshLook - Freshlook dimensions refresh the natural color of the eye and are available in Pacific Blue, Sea Green, and Caribbean Aqua.

Precision UV prescription contact lenses are also manufactured by CIBAVision and contain a UV absorption technology that absorbs up to ninety percent of ultra violet radiation. Precision UV lenses are a monthly disposable lens.

CIBAVision products and contact lenses are worn by people around the world; their pledge to create a better envisioned world has eased the lives of many users. CIBAVision's constant drive to research, explore, create, manufacture and out do industry standards has created a product list that retailers and clients can rely upon and trust. CIBAVision's commitment to the health of eyes and vision has provided them with a reputation for bettering the world through sight and color. CIBAVision's standard of the immediate comfort of contact lenses for users enables many to view their world without having to wear glasses.

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