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If you experience dryness and discomfort after a day of wearing your lenses then look no further. Acuvue Oasys is manufactured from Hydraclear Plus from Johnson and Johnson and has been specfically developed for those who crave a lens which will not leave their eyes dry and tired at the end of the day. The UV blocking technology of theses lenses filters a massive 96% of UVA and 99% of UVB radiation and bolstered by Acuvue's 100% satisfaction guarantee you are certain of a next generation contact lens experience. Material: Senofilcon A. Power Range: -6.00 to -0.50.

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More Information About Acuvue Oasys from Johnson And Johnson

Acuvue Oasys contact lenses by Johnson & Johnson are prescribed by doctors in the United States more than any other contact lens on the market and are quickly growing in popularity in the UK. With exclusive technology that ensures comfortable all-day contact lens wear, Acuvue Oasys contact lenses are an ideal vision correction choice for nearsightedness or farsightedness. Johnson & Johnson is a leader in the vision correction and eye care field; therefore, consumers can rest assured that the most advanced technologies and cutting edge expertise goes into the creation of each pair of contact lenses in the Acuvue brand family.

Living and working in climate-controlled environments, dust, pollen, wind, smoke and extended periods of wearing contacts can all lead to dry, red, irritated eyes, but Acuvue Oasys contact lenses are made with Johnson & Johnsonís breakthrough Hydraclear Plus technology, which provides a smooth, comfortable, moisture-rich contact lens for complete comfort and enhanced vision care. For even greater comfort and improved eye health, Acuvue Oasys contact lenses are made with senofilcon A, a silicone hydrogel material that allows for optimal breathability and oxygen flow, allowing 98% of available oxygen to reach the eye.

Acuvue Oasys contact lenses offer the highest level of UV defense available, with exceptional Class I UV-A and UV-B protection that blocks out up to 100% of UV-B radiation and up to 96% of UV-A radiation. A light blue visibility tint makes lenses easy to find, and special markings on the lens let you know if your contact lens is inside out to ensure proper contact lens insertion every time. While these convenient daily wear contact lenses have a recommended two-week replacement schedule, they have also been approved by the FDA for overnight extended wear for up to one week. This flexibility allows contact lens wearers to choose between cleaning their contact lenses daily for up to two weeks of wear per pair, or wearing their contact lenses continuously for up to one week before replacing them.

With exceptional UV protection, exclusive Hydraclear Plus moisture-retention technology, flexible wearing options and visibility enhancing marks and tints for easy handling, Johnson & Johnsonís Acuvue Oasys contact lenses are a popular choice for discerning contact lens wearers who insist on quality and comfort when selecting the right vision correction option for their lifestyle.

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