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Johnson And Johnson Prescription Contact Lenses

Johnson and Johnson is one of the worlds foremost manufacturers of health care products and as a provider of related services. The Johnson and Johnson family is comprised of more than 250 companies employing 121000 people throughout 57 countries selling products to every corner of the globe. Johnson and Johnson were founded in 1886 on the vision of providing scientifically sound and high quality products to improve quality of life and cure disease. Vistakon, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson produces the worlds leading brand of disposable contact lenses Acuvue and the revolutionary HydraClear technology.

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With a reputation for product excellence, Johnson and Johnson contact lenses are the perfect choice for contact lenses. Trusting your eye health is important and with a reputation for quality and accuracy, Johnson and Johnson provides contact lenses to meet your clear sight requirements. Johnson and Johnson makes a variety of contact lenses in two main product lines, Surevue and Acuvue.

Many contact lens users, satisfied by the quality of the product, wear Surevue. Surevue does require the wearer to replace their lenses each month and to disinfect lenses each night.

Acuvue is Johnson and Johnson's premier line of contact lenses. These contact lenses have nine categories tailored to meet all your vision care needs. The contact lenses are comfortable, protect from UV rays, and are an affordable choice. Products in this line are Acuvue, Acuvue Advance, 1 Day Acuvue, 1 Day Acuvue Moist, Acuvue 2, Acuvue Advanced for Astigmatism, Acuvue Bifocal, Acuvue 2 Color Enhancers, and Acuvue Oasys. Two products that may appeal to people with special eye needs focus on astigmatism and bifocal vision correction.

Astigmatism is caused by an abnormal curve of the cornea and results in blurry vision. Johnson and Johnson offers a solution, Acuvue for Astigmatism. Past lenses to correct this vision condition were bulky, uncomfortable and clarity was often questionable. The Johnson and Johnson product will provide a wonderful improvement to people with astigmatism.

Using a technology called Hydraclear, your contact lenses will be comfortable in your eyes by providing a smooth comfortable feeling. You can often wear these lenses from early morning to late night (depending on optician's advice). Activities such as playing cricket, surfing the Internet and watching movies wearing Acuvue will assure your eyes continue to feel refreshed and your vision is clear.

Tired of searching for those reading glasses left on dressers, tables and odd places? Acuvue Bifocal contact lenses may be the solution. Your eye care professional, in trying to determine the correct power for your vision will start with the lowest power and work upwards. Johnson and Johnson provides a chart that assigns a power value based on research using your age. Currently, the power range is limited, but with all Johnson and Johnson products research is in progress to broaden these power ranges. Your eye care professional can work with you to assure your bifocal contact lenses are the correct ones Whatever you require for your contact lenses, look to Johnson and Johnson as your contact lens provider.

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