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Coopervision Prescription Contact Lenses

Coopervision has been manufacturing contact lenses for decades and is currently the second largest provider in the world and the largest provider of toric lenses. A network of facilities spread across 12 countries on 5 continents allows Coopervision to distribute its contact lenses to virtually every market in the world with special attention paid to premium and speciality lenses. Coopervision offers some of the most advanced lenses in the industry and boasts some of the most respected brands including Frequency 55 Aspheric offering the highest visual acuity possible with a soft contact lens. Proclear lenses from Coopervision offer maximum comfort and Frequency 55 Multifocal available for patients with Presbyopia benefit from a revolutionary twin lens system. In the future Coopervision aim to build on their rich and innovative heritage and use the latest materials and technology to offer wearers lenses that further enhance their wearing experience.

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Biomedics Biomedics

The Biomedics product family from Coopervision inc ...

Coopervision/Hydron Coopervision/Hydron

Hydron are owned by Coopervision. They manufacture ...

Expressions Expressions

Expressions contact lenses from Coopervision allow ...

Frequency Frequency

Frequency contact lenses from Cibavision are avail ...

Omniflex Omniflex

Omniflex contact lenses from Coopervision are desi ...

Proclear Proclear

Proclear contact lenses from Coopervision feature ...

Silver 07 Silver 07

Silver 07 contact lenses are also known as Specsav ...


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More information about Coopervision

CooperVision was founded in 1979, and now supplies the world with several contact lenses for all types of eye conditions. CooperVision's main contact lenses fall into 11 categories; Proclear, Expressions, Frequency, OmniFlex, Biomedics, Avaira, Biofinity, Clearsight, Hydrasoft, Preferrance, and Vertex.

The Proclear contact lenses group are marketed as an all day comfortable wear. The Proclear group offers two specialties: Proclear Toric are specialized for people with astigmatism and Proclear Tailormade Toric are a custom made lens set for maximum comfort and fit.

Expressions contact lenses allow the consumer to change their eye color or enhance their eye color with Expression Colors or Expression Accents lenses. Expression Colors come in 7 natural looking colors including dark blue, light blue, aqua, green, gray,hazel, and brown. Expression Accents come in 4 tints with a unique pattern that can bring out the natural color of your eyes. The tint colors available are blue, green, violet, and aqua.

Frequency contact lenses offer a large band of choices for eyes of all types keeping their main goal proficient vision and comfort. Frequency 55 Aspheric seeks to give you the finest vision available in a soft contact lens form. Frequency XCEL Toric and XCEL Toric XR are designed especially for people with astigmatism.

OmniFlex contact lenses offer a wide range of prescriptions while maintaining outstanding comfort. OmniFlex Soft blue are designed to give the consumer the most comfort available.

Biomedics have several features making this contact lens extremely comfortable as well as having excellent performance. CooperVision claims Biomedics are one of those most preferred lens available.

Avaira contact lenses are the latest product by Coppervision. Avaira lenses are unique because they use the new technology known as Aquaform. Aquaform allows contacts to be flexible, thus comfortable. Avaira contacts are also very breathable, allowing oxygen to your eye and contain a UV blocking material.

Biofinity contact lenses are extremely good at keeping moist without the need of eye drops. Moist eyes promote comfort, breath-ability, and well as maintaining healthy eyes. Biofinity Toric are available for people with astigmatism.

ClearSight contact lenses are designed for convenience and comfort. ClearSight contact lenses are daily disposable contacts, which are perfect for the daily user as well as the occasional user. ClearSight contacts also offer ClearSight 1 Day Toric for people with astigmatism.

Hydrasoft contact lenses are custom made soft contact lenses made for people with the most unique of prescriptions. Hydrasoft Sphere Options can correct even those most challenging prescriptions. 13 million prescriptions can be filled using Hydrasoft contact lenses.

Preference contact lenses are designed perfectly for people with active lifestyles. These lenses offer extreme durability and are almost maintenance-free. Preference contact lenses are also available for people with astigmatism.

Vertex Contact lenses are 2 week disposable contacts offering comfort and quality. CooperVision emphasizes that the Vertex contact line is exceptional for nearsightedness. Vertex offers brands Vertex Toric and Vertic Toric XR for astigmatism.

CooperVision offers a wide range of lenses for eyes of all types. Their high quality and affordability will allow CooperVision to continue to supply the world with these exceptional contact lenses.

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