Frequency 55 Aspheric Contact Lenses - Prescription contacts from Coopervision

Frequency 55 Aspheric
  • Monthly Disposable
  • Aspheric

from the Frequency range

Frequency 55 Aspheric from Coopervision are ideal for people with low levels of astigmatism and users with early presbyopia. A monthly disposable lens should be disinfected each night and will provide you with sharper vision even if you do not need to wear toric lenses. Material: Methafilcon A. Power Range: -10.00 to +8.00.

Frequency 55 Aspheric are often rebranded or also known as Asphericlens (Specsavers), Frequency 55 AB, Specsavers Easyvision Aspheric Daily Wear, Vision Express Enhance.

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