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LensFinder.co.uk Launch

Thu 15th Mar 2007 - 11:23 am - Back to Article Selection

LensFinder.co.uk announces the launch of its contact lens comparison website. The site searches many of the online suppliers (specifically those with UK delivery) and presents the customer with alll the prices available for the request product, in the requested quantity. The best value supplier varies between products and quantities of those products.

Before LensFinder.co.uk, contact lens wearers looking to buy their lenses at the best value for money were forced to trawl through conventional search engine results to find the suppliers, then browse through the sites to find the price relating to the product and quantity. This then had to be repeated for all of the other relevant sites and a comparison made by the customer before making an informed decision.

This lengthy exercise is now a thing of the past. LensFinder has done the leg work and is proud to offer the use of this website free of charge to all contact lens wearers.

Life's too short to spend hours searching for contact lenses so find your lenses now in seconds.

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