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LensFinder.co.uk Offers Unique Discount for Recession Conscious Contact Lens Wearers (Press Release)

Sat 15th Aug 2009 - 7:10 pm - Back to Article Selection

Thousands of visitors per month are offered the opportunity to make extra savings and beat the recession by entering a discount code at checkout only available on LensFinder.co.uk.


Aug 15, 2009 LensFinder.co.uk, the UK's dedicated contact lens price comparison service has announced that all its users can now benefit from a unique discount offered in partnership with its latest supplier. Only available at http://www.lensfinder.co.uk, users are offered a discount code to enter at checkout and save an additional 5% on their contact lens purchase.

Contact lenses are often over 75% cheaper online compared to the high street, LensFinder.co.uk users already benefit from additional savings (over 25% for most brands) by using its service to clearly demonstrate the difference in prices offered by 12 of the UK's leading online contact lens retailers. LensFinder's advanced AJAX based search technology lets users quickly compare prices for different quantities of lenses including postage and packing and prominently displays the best value available.

Charles Edwards, designer of LensFinder.co.uk said "Contact lenses are not cheap, in the current economic climate everybody is being forced to cut back on spending. By offering this new discount LensFinder and our partners are helping our users to save money and avoid compromising the important benefits which using contact lenses can offer as compared to traditional spectacles."


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About LensFinder.co.uk

LensFinder.co.uk was established in Autumn 2007 to provide an online contact lens price comparison service dedicated to the UK. As is so often the case when purchasing online, obtaining contact lenses at the cheapest price used to mean hours of searching and trawling through websites of dozens of suppliers comparing not only the price of the product itself but also shipping rates discounts.

LensFinder.co.uk makes it quick and easy for users to compare the price of their specific brand of contact lenses from multiple suppliers. Its comparison includes factors such as quantity and shipping costs and breaks the information down into a simple and easy to interpret format. Users are invited to enter the brand name of their contact lens and the desired quantity. Results are presented in a tabular format; prices for different quantities are instantly available from the results page and each result includes the cost per lens.


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