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Contact Lens Myths

Wed 24th Oct 2007 - 11:43 am - Back to Article Selection

A contact lens can move and get lost behind my eye

False. A thin membrane called the conjunctiva forms a barrier between your eyeball and eyelid making it impossible for the lens to move from the front part of your eye.

Contact lenses can become stuck or "fused" to my eye

False. Contact lenses cannot become fused to your eye and in fact provide an additional layer of protection though they should never be used as a substitute for protective eyewear. If you have trouble removing your lens try splashing a little water on your eye and waiting a few minutes for the lens to loosen. If you are still having trouble a nurse at your local hospital will remove the lens without a problem.

Contact lenses require a complicated and time consuming care regimen

False, the exact amount of care required varies depending on the lenses you wear. Extended wear lenses can be left in while you sleep and only need be changed at the intervals recommended by your manufacturer or practitioner. Daily disposable lenses should only be worn once and then discarded, with no hassle at all. For regular wear lenses cheap one step solutions are available reducing maintenance to a simply minimum.

Contact lenses are painful

False. Most people experience some slight discomfort when they first begin wearing lenses, but this usually lasts only a few minutes. Modern soft contact lenses are so comfortable and easy to wear that usually you will feel like you are not wearing a lens at all.

Contact lenses fall out and get lost

This can happen, especially if you are involved in sporting activities, your eyes are becoming dry or the lenses have been inserted incorrectly i.e. the wrong way round. Lens displacement was much more a problem with older hard contact lenses than with modern soft lenses. Proper fitting should ensure that your lenses stay in place without any difficulty. Never reuse a lens which has fallen out without careful cleaning with your solution.

I can’t wear contact lenses

Most likely false. Contact lenses are now available for wearers from an enormous demographic range. Teenagers and children are able to wear lenses subject to proper hygiene standards being maintained and lenses are now available for sufferers of presbyopia who need bifocal correction.

Contact lenses cause eye infections

Some health problems can occur due to contact lens use but these are almost invariably due to poor hygiene or other care related issues such as wearing a lens for longer than the period recommended by the manufacturer. If you follow the professional advice you receive you are at an extremely low risk of suffering any adverse effects or infections.

Daily disposable lenses can be worn repeatedly

Absolutely false. Recent public claims have been made from various quarters to the effect that contact lens wearers are being somehow misled by manufacturers charging premium prices for daily disposable lenses which can allegedly be worn repeatedly as with a monthly lens with no ill effects. LensFinder.co.uk regards these claims as dangerous for one simple reason - a lack of testing. Contact lenses are subject to the most rigorous testing to ensure that the health of the public is not put at risk, daily disposable lenses HAVE NOT been tested extensively for repeated wear and as such cannot be legally sold for that purpose. Despite claims of personal experience from others to the contrary wearing your daily disposable lenses repeatedly has not been proven safe and as such should never be experimented with - you only have one pair of eyes.

Contact lenses are expensive

While it is true that some complex prescriptions can be pricey, generally speaking wearing contact lenses need not be expensive. Whatever lenses you use fierce competition in the market place has forced prices down and is continuing to ensure better and better deals for the consumer. LensFinder.co.uk has been designed specifically to help you find the best price for your lenses.

I won’t be able to get contact lenses into my eyes

Of course you will. Although it can appear difficult and daunting at first you soon get used to the idea of having fingers messing around right in front of you eyeballs. When you go for your first contact lens consultation your optician will walk you through simple methods for inserting and removing your lenses. Just remember to wash your hands! If millions of people can do it everyday then so can you.

I can’t get contact lenses for my prescription

Probably false. Modern lenses are available in an enormous range of prescriptions for a range of eye conditions. Contact lenses are available to correct myopia (short sightedness), hyperopia (long sightedness), presbyopia (for those over 40) and astigmatism. In addition to the enormous range of prescriptions cosmetic effects are also available for anyone who fancies a change. At the same time as enjoying near perfect vision you could have the baby blues you always wanted or experiment with many other colours and effects.

Disclaimer: The author is not a medical doctor, optician, ophthalmologist or any other medical professional, this article has been compiled using a variety of internet reference sources and while every effort has been made to ensure accuracy this cannot be guaranteed. No preference for product or brand is inferred or intended and the contents of this article are not to be used in whole or in part to inform a decision regarding any aspect of contact lens use.

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