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Contact Lenses Wearing Guide

Mon 22nd Mar 2010 - 11:03 am - Back to Article Selection

There are many benefits to choosing contact lenses for vision correction, including convenient options that can be worn for multiple days and the option to avoid cumbersome eyeglasses when desired. Of course, caring for eyeglasses can appear to be much simpler and more convenient, including simply keeping them in a sturdy case when not in use and periodic cleaning. However, caring for contact lenses and ensuring proper eye health when using contact lenses for vision correction is also simple and convenient when you have the information you need.

First-time contact lens wearers may be particularly concerned about the level of care required; however, by following the instructions you will find below, you will discover that caring for your contact lenses is easy and can be conveniently included in your regular personal care routine. Proper contacts care is important in making your lenses last longer, which will assist you in saving money over time, as well as avoiding eye infections or long-term damage. Below you will find an easy guide to caring for your contacts and your eyes.

Contact Lens Insertion

Prior to inserting your contact lenses, wash your hands thoroughly. Open one side of your contact lens storage container and gently remove the contact lens. Place the contact lens on the index finger of your dominant hand. Make sure that the edge of the contact lens is curved inwards, rather than outwards, to ensure that your contact lens is ready for insertion and is not inside out. Gently use your dominant hand middle finger to pull down your lower eyelid, while using your non-dominant hand middle finger to pull your upper eyelid up. Look towards the ceiling as you gently place your lens on the lower white portion of your eye.

After insertion, release your eyelids and blink repeatedly until the contact lens is adjusted and in place.

Repeat with the other eye.

Removing Your Contact Lenses for Cleaning

Always wash your hands thoroughly prior to handling your lenses. This means using warm soapy water and rubbing your hands together liberally for at least 20 seconds, rinsing your hands thoroughly and drying them on a clean towel. Also, prior to beginning your contact lens care routine, determine which eye you would like to begin with. Once you have chosen an eye, make it a habit to always handle the contact lens for that eye first. This will make it easier to ensure you always place the correct contact lens in the correct eye and in the correct section of your contact lens storage case. Establishing this routine is particularly helpful when you are removing your contacts after a long day, putting them in when not quite awake in the morning, or if your vision is impaired significantly enough to make reading the contact storage case a challenge.

With your less dominant hand, use your index finger to gently pull the skin under the eye down toward your cheek and open your eye as wide as you can. There are two ways you can do this. One is, with your dominant hand, take your index finger and move the contact off of your cornea in a downward motion. When it makes contact with the bottom lid, use the thumb and index finger to gently fold the lens and remove from your eyeball. The other way is to use the thumb and index finger and, while the contact is still on your cornea, gently fold the lens and remove by pulling very gently forward. Applying too much force can cause excessive air to be trapped between the lens and your cornea, or can cause a suction to occur between the contact lens and your eye, both of which can be uncomfortable or painful.

Cleaning Your Contact Lenses

After the lens is successfully removed from your eye, place it right side out (being careful not to have it inside out) in the palm of your hand and pour your cleaning solution directly on the lens. Be very mindful not to allow the tip of the bottle to touch your lens. There may be dirt on the tip or you may accidentally scratch the lens. Rub the lens gently with your thumb and index finger, both inside and out for about 20 seconds. With your free hand take the sterile saline solution and rinse all of the cleaning solution off your lens.

When you are satisfied that the cleaning solution is removed completely, fill your contact lens case with saline solution. There are many all-in-one solutions on the market as well, so you may use the same solution for both cleaning and rinsing your contacts. Always clean out your storage case and never reuse solution, as this can lead to irritation or an eye infection. After placing the clean contact lens in the solution-filled storage case, close the case, making sure that the lid has the correct letter for that contact lens (typically L for left and R for right).

Repeat with the other eye.

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Disclaimer: The author is not a medical doctor, optician, ophthalmologist or any other medical professional, this article has been compiled using a variety of internet reference sources and while every effort has been made to ensure accuracy this cannot be guaranteed. No preference for product or brand is inferred or intended and the contents of this article are not to be used in whole or in part to inform a decision regarding any aspect of contact lens use.

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