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Daysoft Prescription Contact Lenses

Daysoft, based in Scotland are a privately owned company and the only manufacturer in the world solely dedicated to the manufacture and sale of 1-day disposable contact lenses. Daysoft was founded by the original inventor of the 1-day disposable contact lens whose patented processes have led to the manufacture of over 1 billion contact lenses worldwide. The revolutionary daysoft UV is the first daily disposable contact lens in the world to be produced in both mid and high water content materials and is available in a greater range of power than any other 1 day lens. Daysoft manufactures to exacting standards and uses modern laboratory processes designed and developed in house by the Daysoft team. This high focused approached allows Daysoft to offer Daysoft UV at some of the most affordable prices available.

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Daysoft UV contact lenses are manufactured by Days ...


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More information about Daysoft

Daysoft lenses are a breakthrough in comfort, functionality, price, safety and quality. Is it really possible for a contact lens to be extremely comfortable, to be very easily put in and taken out. Can the lenses actually increase the health of the eyes? Well yes, it is now possible. Daysoft lenses have destroyed their competition because no other lenses offer this much precision, clarity, and functionality in their products. A myriad of enthused testimonials prove that Daysoft is a visionary in contact lenses. They offer new hope to disgruntled contact lens users who have often felt that their eyes were scratchy, rough or tired at the end of the day. Recent data shows that often after several hours of wearing contacts from many other companies, most complaints typically have to do with scratchiness, lack of comfort, difficulties of use, and an abundance of other complaints. Now, imagine if all of these sufferers could erase these woes and replace them with effortless comfort and precision. This is now a reality with Daysoft lenses.

It's time to move to a higher state of functionality with contact lenses, and time to get rid of the various eye diseases, the allergic reactions, the unforgiving suffering that happens to be the mainstay among many other companies. Now imagine a lens that is used throughout the day, only for one day, and then replaced on the following day. How can a consumer afford lenses that are thrown away each day? What about all that tedious cleaning that goes on with ordinary lenses? Well the answer to these questions is: a consumer can reap the rewards of these inexpensive gems due to the extraordinary UV filter technology available. There is an additional ledge on the Daysoft lens offering even more support. Typical lenses are vertically ragged and can barely conform to the eye. Daysoft understands previous fallible technology, and they have discovered unbeatable comfort through trial and error. Moreover, there is absolutely no cleaning because the lenses are thrown away each day. The question may arise: isn't this wasteful, or bad for the environment in some way? Daysoft has considered this and has thereby packaged minimally compared to its competitors. This is both good for the environment and easier to ship. Daysoft customers now can see the wonders of the world with clarity, comfort and unrivaled precision.

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