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Cosmetic, Coloured & Novelty Contact Lenses

Contact lenses aren't just for vision correction - they can also alter the appearance of your eyes. From subtle tints designed to enhance the colour of your eyes to cool special effects such as cats eyes, alien and pure black! Perfect for parties, halloween and theatrical performances. We search many products including the popular special effects lenses by Coopervision, Crazy Lenses.

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Bausch & Lomb Bausch & Lomb

Since 1835, Bausch and Lomb have been at the foref ...

CIBAVision CIBAVision

CIBAVision manufacture some of the worlds most pre ...

Coopervision Coopervision

A pioneer of speciality and premium contact lenses ...


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The top three cosmetic lenses by major contact lens brands are compared below, followed by a selection of popular special effect lenses, perfect for Halloween.

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Special Effect/Novelty Lenses

Many suppliers provide cosmetic lenses that aren't designed to change or enhance your day to day eye colour (many do not need even correct vision impairment), but are intended to form part of a costume for parties, performances etc. These are available in hundreds of fantastic designs. Visit the Special Effect Lenses page to view the full range. A couple of commonly chosen designs are shown below.

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More information about coloured/cosmetic contact lenses

If you are a regular wearer of Focus contact lenses and fancy a change of colour or simply want to enhance your existing colour then you should be able to use the Freshlook range. Focus Dailies users can check out Freshlook One Day lenses for a coloured contact lens based on the popular daily disposable.

Always consult your medical practitioner before using a new contact lens product (including cosmetic lenses) as they may not be suitable for you. They could even cause medical complications leading to infection and/or blindness.

Contact lens sharing is a particular problem with cosmetic lenses as friends often swap them at parties. Please remember you should never share contact lenses with anyone. Many infections can be transmitted in this way which can cause serious medical problems, including blindness.

Cosmetic Lens Manufacturers

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